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ADHD Coaching

You may ask why someone might need an ADHD Coach. Isn’t it just like any other mental health disorder where you can go to therapy and find the help you need? On the surface, it may seem that simple, but the complexity of ADHD and how it affects a person’s daily life can be tricky … Continue reading ADHD Coaching

Self Discovery: An ADHD Journey

The Identity Crisis When you are 34 and discover after all these years you have been struggling with two severe mental health disorders, it can be an extremely jarring reality check. It’s difficult to struggle with all the times something went wrong and not knowing why it happened. People would call you lazy when there … Continue reading Self Discovery: An ADHD Journey

Relationships Are Difficult

Someone with ADHD can inadvertently cause harm to those around them without realizing what they are doing. This does not excuse the behaviors, nor should they be allowed to happen because of someone’s mental health. However, having open and honest communication can help alleviate any misunderstanding and potential harm to those we love. We get … Continue reading Relationships Are Difficult

A Step Forward

For many ADHD people, life can be very difficult. It’s a mental health disorder that not many people truly understand, and when it’s the people around them that don’t, it can be feel extremely lonely. Even though ADHD is classified as a disability, it is one that can’t be seen, and so many people only … Continue reading A Step Forward


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