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You may ask why someone might need an ADHD Coach. Isn’t it just like any other mental health disorder where you can go to therapy and find the help you need? On the surface, it may seem that simple, but the complexity of ADHD and how it affects a person’s daily life can be tricky to cover in therapy. In no way am I saying you shouldn’t go to therapy. It is a very valuable service that helps you in a lot of ways. The difference is how therapy benefits you compared to how coaching benefits you. Both have their place to support someone with ADHD and help them thrive.

When speaking about getting mental health help, some people will attribute therapy to stereotypical portrayal often shown in media. You sit in a room and talk to a person about your problems, they give you advice in some witty and relatable way, and then you go on your way enlightened with a new perspective. While this might happen from time to time, there are many facets to therapy you may know about. Therapy is much more than going and talking to someone for an hour about your current life.

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Depending on your needs, therapy can be a very emotional experience that uncovers a lot of difficult and painful experiences. The goal is to face them and process them in a healthy way so we can heal the parts of us that may have been neglected. It’s not an easy process, but necessary for a person to heal. This is how therapy can truly benefit someone with ADHD. Uncovering the shame, guilt, and trauma associated with ADHD. That way we can focus on thriving and not surviving.

So where does ADHD coaching come in if Therapy is so beneficial? Well, it can help you with everything in-between therapy.


First and foremost I will always advocate for anyone to go to therapy. It is an incredibly powerful tool for people to utilize to become the best versions of themselves. In my opinion, it is beneficial even if you do not have an immediate mental health need. Having a person that you can talk to that is an outside perspective and give you educated insight that will help you make decisions without bias influences. I know many people may not have had positive experiences with therapy, but with the proper vetting process you can find the right support you need. It’s incredibly important to be comfortable with your therapist so you can benefit the most from the experience.

So, in what ways can therapy help you?

Specialized Help

Many people experience things throughout their life that impact them in ways that often times goes unnoticed. This is especially true when we are children and grow up in environments that are unhealthy, but normalized by the behaviors around us. This can lead to many difficulties for us as adults. Unhealed trauma, negative self talk, people pleasing, hyper independence, anxiety, depression, and many more issues that affect our behaviors. Therapy provides a safe space for people to get specialized help to uncover, dive deep, and help process these wounds. It can be incredibly intense, emotional, and difficult for someone to explore. That is why it is important to do so with a trained professional. They have the education and tools to help you process those deep wounds and utilize things like CBT, DBT, EMDR, and more to guide you through healing.

While therapy can be effective in helping your day to day life, in my experience, it is most effective helping you heal from difficult events in your life. These are the things we tend to avoid and tell ourselves it’s ok to ignore. Maybe we feel fine, or it made us into the person we are today. We carry these moments within us as guides to how we should behave without realizing the negative impact they cause. Therapy can help you process them, face the truth, and heal the damage it caused. So if you have experienced painful moments in your life and you’ve never gone to therapy, it might be something to consider.

ADHD Coach

So if you’re going to therapy, why would you need a coach? Honestly, it is entirely up to your own personal needs and your own desire to make changes. Having an ADHD coach as a support system can be extremely beneficial to you. Do you struggle with accountability? A coach can guide you through management tools to help yourself accomplish your goals. Some coaches, like myself, will even provide daily or weekly check ins to ensure you stay on the right track. Many people with ADHD struggle with consistency, and having someone there giving you the right kind of nudge to keep going is extremely helpful.

The Right Kind of Support
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As and ADHD coach, my job is to help you accomplish your goals, whatever they may be at the time. If you have struggled throughout your life, or find yourself feeling stuck, I can help. Sometimes, it’s as simple as education about our symptoms and how to manage them in different ways. Other times, it can be more involved, like sending daily writing prompts or teaching you how to better communicate your needs. People with ADHD will often struggle in ways others may not understand. Often times it can lead to misunderstandings that affect us in negative ways. Whether you’re in a relationship, or a parent to an ADHD child, I can help with that communication to ease any misunderstandings.

ADHD coaching is all about your day to day life. It tackles the things that affect you in your present moment and teaches you how best to handle everything. It is designed to help you thrive and become the person you want to be, and supports you on that path. Feeling stuck at your job? Feel unmotivated? Chores and daily tasks piling up? Have a major goal you want to accomplish? All these questions and more an ADHD coach can help you answer. If you want to find out if an ADHD Coach would be a good fit for you, you can schedule a consultation with me here.

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