An Introduction

When you go through life undiagnosed, the world around you seems to be in hard mode but you don’t understand why. You try to do what you see everyone else doing, but you struggle to even do half of what is considered normal. You are told things like “you just need to focus” or “you’re just being lazy” and start to build an internal dialogue that you are somehow wrong. Going years with this internal voice can cause a lot of issues later in adulthood. It can manifest into an internalized trauma that makes you fear success, have anxiety, depression, and many other symptoms that can be very difficult to overcome. 

These are the things we will be exploring through this blog and podcast releasing on August 4th. Living a life of an undiagnosed neurodivergent is tricky, and we want to share our story. On the podcast, we will discuss the various aspects of ADHD we struggle with the most, anecdotes to help people relate, and go down various conversational rabbit holes we tend to go down. The blog will be here to help expand on topics we discuss, share more personal stories, and provide resources for those that are interested. 

So if you haven’t checked out who we are yet check out the About Us section. We are happy to have you here and share this journey with us. Be sure to follow us on Twitter too to join in on conversations and be kept up to date!

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